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  • Information on HTML, WWW and the Internet
       Our Local Set up
     Tutorials, Introductions and guides:
        Bare Bones Guide to HTML
        A beginner's guide to HTML 
       An HTML primer by Nathan Torkington 
       HTML Tutorial
       Tutorial index
       NCSA Introduction to URLS(Uniform Resource Locators)
      Local Introduction to WWW, HTML,...
        A Workshop on Home Pages
        Introduction to URLs
        The HTML source for this page
      Reference Materials
        HTML glossary
        HTML syntax
       NCSA:  HTML Quick Refference
         HTML 3.2 complete reference
       Frequently asked questions
       HTML information at W3C
      Hints for Authors
        Top 10 Hints
        Step By Step Guide for DOS beginners
      An Online Journal
        Web Developer's Journal
      List servers
      Other Resources
    	O'Reilly and Associates
    	2nd Web Conference Proceedings
    How to get Standards for HTML and WWW
      The specs are found via links at
       WWW directory at
       HTML 2.0 Specification
       URL BNF
      The "Real definition" for HTML Mark 3
      Internet Payments Roadmap
    Or point your WWW browser at YAHOO.  From
    their main menu select COMPUTERS and then WORLD WIDE WEB from the sub-menu.  At
    the next sub-menu select HTML which will present you with a large number of
    links to information sources and standards for HTML and SGML.
     Up and Coming Standards
      URN::=`Uniform Resource Names`, a way to find a page even if it moves.
       Peter Parnes's Thesis
       VRML2.0 support
       Handles: Examples at
        Copyright Office of the Library of Congress
        Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library
        D-Lib(Corp for National Research Initiatives).
      VRML2.0::=Virtual Reality Modelling Language,
       Drafts etc...
    Mathematical Notation
      Math notation
      Math notation
      See also TeX
    CGI: The Common Gateway Interface is a way for a page
    	to ask for a program to be run on data from the page
    	that then generates another page which is sent to the
       Local Documentation
       Documentation at HooHoo
       Windows CGI class for C++
    To see what is transmitted to our server by a simple test CGI select
     My Test CGI script
    which echoes back all the information available to it.
    Test Pages for your Browser
    	U of Arkansas Test Pattern
    	This is Not for Netscape
    	Nutscapify: What Netscape can do...
    		Not for non-netscape.
    Software and  Tools for WWW Work.
       NCSA Web Tools
    	HTML Assistant
    	HTML Writer
       WebLint Tools
     Translators	and Other languages
       Conversion service for viewable formats
          has been implemented here at
       ascii2html and mth2html
       Z in HTML 
          FTP ps2html 
         FTP Source
       More at CERN
       HTML and LaTeX
    	 has been implemented on our '' ( QV.
           Gateway from TeX to HTML
    	Available at CERN:
    	see also Makefile
    	and Sub1.sed???.
         But see the Alternative Hypertext Systems
       MOREplus a WWW cataloging and database tool
     Server Software
       NCSA httpd
       CERN source Code
       getstats 1.2
     Modem->Internet links
      Useful Pages 
       Conversion service for viewable formats
      Samples of
       Public Domain bullets, icons, rules, and art
       Randy's Icons and Images Bazaar
       Backgrounds and textures
       Sandra's Clip Art Server at Yale.
       Clip Art(T A M U)
       WWW Worm
       CGI version of Grep
    Alternative Hypertext Systems
    Take a look at HyperTeX for a different approach.  See
    For an additional example, also see
       LISP Stat
       FTP tar file.
    Dick Botting's MATHS.
    Latex to HTML at CompSci CSUSB
    From Dr. Georgiou
    I have installed latex2html on orion (/usr/local/bin/) which is a
    program (perl script) that translates latex files to html.
    It has some limitations:  EQUATIONS and TABLES are first converted to
    gif's and then included; but unfortuanately we are missing some
    programs for equations and figures to be properly processed.
    TO USE:
    	latex2html myfile.tex
    and it will create a directory with the name 'myfile' where the
    myfile.html file will be found.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    W3C Webmaster Frequently asked questions
    Authoring FAQSLIP, SLIRP, TIA
      1. Check out Marc Hedlund's CGI Frequently Asked Questions list.
    	CGI FAQ
      2. The World Wide Web (Frequently Asked Questions, with Answers)
    	WWW FAQ
      3. Many CGI programmers use Perl. If you have a general Perl question
      4. If you don't know what a URL is.  Check out the FAQ posting
         regularly made to the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.misc 
         to learn more about what the web is and how to use it.
    If you're not clear on what a newsgroup is or how to
    find a group that discusses your interests, please
    check out news.announce.newusers, where information
    about newsgroups in general is posted regularly.
    -Tom Boutell, World Wide Web FAQ Maintainer
    Arena - WWW Consortium - supports HTML3 Math
      T B A
      Netscape Home