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Fri Oct 14 13:57:25 PDT 2005

San Bernardino is unique because...

  1. It is the site of the original MacDonalds Restaurant.
    Dick and "Mac" McDonald * opened their self-service drive-in restaurent in San Bernardino on E Street near 14th Street in 1948.
  2. Other local entrepreneurs started fast Taco restaurents in San Bernardino having seen the success of the McDonald Brother's Hamburger stand.
  3. It is the place where Hell's Angels Started.
  4. It is the place where Sammy Davis Jr. lost an eye.
  5. It is the home of the National Orange Show.
  6. It is the home of the last operational WigWam Motel on Route 66.
  7. 360 days of sunshine each year.
  8. Los Angeleno's all say two things about it: Go figure!
  9. In 1964 Jerry Pournelle was sent to San Bernardino to think about the future of missile technology.
  10. Murphy's Law. I thought this was first stated in San Bernardino County, but Cathy Hoagland corrected me

This was the work of Richard J Botting at CSUSB.


In 1955 Ray Kroc starts to franchise McDonald's accross the USA and the World. In 1971 "Mac" McDonald died. Dick McDonald died on July 14th 1997.

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