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Mon May 23 16:51:34 PDT 2011


    This is a Test

    This document demonstartes various kinds of links that can be put in a MATHS document and how they are translated into HTML.

    An abreviated URL. "//www/" is translated to "//www.csci.csusb.edu". See [ Note to porters ] below.

     .See http://www/dick
    [ dick ]

    An abreviated URL. "//web/" is translated to "http://web.cse.csusb.edu/public/faculty/dick/". See [ Note to porters ] below.

     .See http://web/forExample
    [ forExample ]

    A relative URL. These normally will refer to a file on the same the same host as this page.

     .See http:/dick/samples/c++.html

    A URL relative to the current page. These must explicitly indicate that they are in the same or parent directory

     		.See ./tester.html
    [ tester.html ] or even
     		.See ../foo/bah/mumble.html
    [ ../foo/bah/mumble.html ] will be recognized as not being internal cross refs.

    Internal Cross-refferrences

    Internal cross-references become relative links to names in a file with the same name. For example, a dollar sign indicates the use of a defined term or label elsewhere. For example the sentence (above)
     in a $MATHS document
    contains a link to the definition of MATHS below.

    Here is a link to a label of a formula in this document:

     .See label
    [ label ] and a link to a section in this document.
     .See This is a Test
    [ This is a Test ]

    Sample Formulae

    (label): quoted formula.

    A blatent assertion:

  1. |- (asserted): 1+1 = 1.
  2. (asserted)|- (consequence): I am the Pope.

    Sample Remote Definition

  3. MATHS::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/maths/.

    Proof of consequence

    See world famous lecture by Berty Russell about the properties of implication: a false proposition can imply any proposition.

    Note to Porters

    If you port the prototype mth2html script [ mth2html ] then you should change the definitions of WWWHOST and WEBHOST to fit your own environment.