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Tue Sep 18 15:26:36 PDT 2007


    PHP Glossary of Terms, Lexemes, and Keywords

      This page was created by Paul Conrad as part of his Graduate Independent Study (CSCI695) of the syntax and semantics of the PHP language.

      PHP Glossary

        This glossary is based on the C++ glossary by Dr. Botting with the necessary adaptations for PHP 4.

        Meta-linguistic Terminology

      1. ctor::=constructor for classes.
      2. mem::=member::=component or property of the given class.
      3. method::=member function::=functions associated with the given class.
      4. fun::=function.
      5. ref::=reference::="${"$"my_object}->init(some_value,another_value);".
      6. OO::=object-oriented.
      7. OOP::=object-oriented programming.
      8. OOPL::=object-oriented programming language.


      9. core_keyword::="and"|""$"argc"|""$"argv"|"as"|"break"|"case"|"cfunction"|"class"|"continue"|"declare"|"default"|"die"|"do"|"E_ALL"|"echo"| "E_ERROR"|"else"|"elseif"|"empty"|"enddeclare"|"endfor"|"endforeach"|"endif"|"endswitch"|"E_PARSE"|"eval"|"E_WARNING"|"exit"|"extends"| "FALSE"|"for"|"foreach"|"function"|""$"HTTP_COOKIES_VARS"|""$"HTTP_ENV_VARS"|""$"HTTP_GET_VARS"| ""$"HTTP_POST_FILES"|""$"HTTP_POST_VARS"|""$"HTTP_SERVER_VARS"|"if"|"include"|"include_once"|"global"|"list"|"new"|"not"| "NULL"|"old_function"|"or"|"parent"|"PHP_OS"|""$"PHP_SELF"|"PHP_VERSION"|"print"|"require"|"require_once"|"return"|"static"| "stdClass"|"switch"|""$"this"|"TRUE"|"var"|"virtual"|"while"|"xor"|"__FILE__"|"__LINE__"|"__sleep"|"__wakeup"|""$"_COOKIE"| "$$_ENV"|""$"_FILES"|""$"_GET"|""$"_POST"|""$"_SERVER"

        Keyword Definition

      10. static::keyword=following
        • Static is used to declare function variables static. A staitic variable is shared between the calls to the function and is initialized only during the first time the function is being executed. All other times the function is executed, the value remains the same.
        • In order to declare a function variable as static, the static keyword must be employed at the first use of the variable.
        • Typical first use of a static variable is to initialize the variable with a value in the following manner: static var_name O( = value) O(, ...)

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