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Wed Jun 25 10:36:36 PDT 2008


    Qualities of maths project

      The Illities

      (Q1): Security,
      (Q2): simplicity, See Q2a and Q2b below and [ T.html#KISS ]
      (Q2a): Simple web technology -- HTML + simple CSS.
      (Q2b): Simple development tools and techniques.
      (Q3): cost=free,
      (Q3a): Avoid proprietary technology,
      (Q4): usable by geeks,
      (Q5): artifacts readable by most.
      (Q6): aim for data not glitz.
      (Q7): easy to code.
      (Q7a): The Minimum Necessary Change at each step.
      (Q8): Low CPU load -- not enough to slow other users.
      (Q9): Keep Disk space within CSE.CSUSB limits.