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Thu Jul 31 16:48:35 PDT 2008


    Purposes of maths project

      Introduction -- the MATHS language

      MATHS is a language with syntax based on computer languages but semantics provided by mathematics and formal logic. The [ ../../monograph/10.manifesto.html ] (MATHS manifesto) spells out the intent of the language.

      This collection of notes [ ../../maths/ ] are the current defining documents of the language.

      Goals of Project

      1. To make the MATHS tools and language usable by any body on the web.
      2. To open up the defining documents and tools to the Free/Open Source Community.
      3. Ultimately to develop the MATHS web site so that it will improve and grow as a resource for people doing maths and logic as part of developing software, even after I have retired (4..5 years) or died.

      User Stories

      1. A beginer can generate a web page rendered from a MATHS document.
      2. Any body can submit a MATHS document to the owner of the web site.
      3. While creating a MATHS document a user can add a template: subsection, argument, rebuttal, net, PISCO, ... and fill in blanks in the template.
      4. A programmer needs a quick summary of the syntax and semantics of a language can find links and/or MATHS definitions.
      5. A developer needs a model that acounts for a particular part of a domain can search the site to find relevant formal systems, in computer notation.
      6. Members of the core editor group can maintain and improve the structure.
      7. A trustworthy person can edit the content and so improve it.
      8. Someone who is not known to the community can submit new material to trustworthy people who will place it in the site.
      9. People can earn the right to move up the hierarchy from reader, to writer, and to editor.

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