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    Request for Comment -- A Lightweight Notation on the WWW

    I have been experimenting with simple and inexpensive ways of preparing documentation for a long time. I have a simple way to place specifications and descriptions on the World Wide Web. It fits with Thimbleby and Ladkin's theory[ThLa]. They showed that you can use a mixture of mathematical and natural elements to generate readable manuals. My work grew from BNF. It includes a way to add searching to a set of documents. It also formalizes ways to reuse and extend parts of a document.

    I tested it by publishing notes, samples, bibliographies, and formal definitions[MATHS]. Please look at the result. Then criticize it, use it, extend it, and improve on it.


  1. MATHS::= See http://www.csci.csusb.edu/dick/research.html#MATHS.

  2. (ThLa): Harold W Thimbleby & Peter B Ladkin, "From logic to manuals", 1996, [ log2manop.html ]
  3. and "From Logic to Manuals Again", IEE Proceedings Software Engineering, 144(3),pp185-192, 1997

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