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Copyright. Richard J. Botting ( Thu Apr 28 09:41:04 PDT 2005 ). Permission is granted to quote and use this document as long as the source is acknowledged.


    Changes in the Unified Modeling Language


    I will be presenting some of the most important changes that have happened to the UNified Modeling Language (UML) as it has moved from UML1.0 to UML2.0. Several older notations now have Unified forms. Many changes invalidate earlier diagrams. Using them could damage one's professional reputation. Some of the ongoing changes planned by the Object Management Group are targeted at changing the way software is developed by preparing standard & compilable models for common business needs . This will be a presentation about 50 minutes long starting at 10am. It will be suited for faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students.

    At 11, I plan to run a workshop/discussion for computer science graduate students and advisors on using the UML2.0 in SRSs, proposals, theses, and projects. I hope it will continue into the lunch that follows.


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