This page is on the Computer Science Department's WWW Server at CalState, San Bernardino, California, USA. It was written by Dick Botting and sponsored by the CSUSB TRC with a LPG Grant 1998-1999.

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The page you are looking at is designed to be used by teachers at CSUSB to generate anonymous feedback pages for their students. You need CSUSB campus mail server address ( to receive the students' responses. This page creates a new form for you. You need a web site to publish the new form in.

Please input your user identifier on the campus mail server:

Your feedback will be sent to the above name. There will be one EMail message per response. The messages will appear to be sent by a user called "".
What subject would you like to be put on these messages?

To get feedback from your students you need to provide a stimulus. Your new page will invite a student to edit the stimulus to create his or her response. You can ask as many questions as you want. You can only use simple text in this version. You can ask an open ended question:

	What did you like in this class?
or Yes/No questions:
	Did my handouts help? Yes | No
or present multiple choices:
	The grading was: Tough | Fair | Easy | Unpredictable
If you would like an example (inactive) please go to my CS320 Winter 1999 Feedback Form.

Edit in your questions into the box below. They will be word wrapped to fit. The box on the created form will have the same width but have as many lines as you supply plus a few extra in case they are needed. Note. Some browsers will remove blank lines!

When you select the button below a new form will be created for you and registered in a private file. This file contains your subject, your EMail address, and a serial number. The serial number is hidden in the generated form so that the responses can be sent to you.

The new form will be sent to your browser when you select the "Create my form" button below. Please save it "as Source" before you test it. If the test sends Email to you, all you need to do is upload the saved page to the right place in your site and you have a new feedback form.

You can create as many forms as you need.

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