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    An Introduction to MATHS

    The MATHS notation is to be a simple ASCII based way of recording mathematical and logical formulae.

    A note about the notation, see: [ intro_note.html ]

    For characters used in the MATHS notation, see [ intro_characters.html ]

    For the standard abreviations see [ intro_standard.html ]

    For ways to express sets and types of objects simply and easily see [ intro_sets.html ]

    For Ways to express, define, and use functions see [ intro_function.html ]

    For ways to express relationships and programs see: [ intro_relation.html ]

    For notations for strings of characters and languages see [ intro_strings.html ]

    For Wys of expressing events, actions, and conditions see [ intro_dynamics.html ]

    For ways of expressing the syntax, structured scenarios, and life cycles see [ intro_ebnf.html ]

    For the theory of the syntax description see [ intro_grammar.html ]

    For ways to express facts, assumptions, conclusions, ideas etc... see [ intro_logic.html ]

    For ways to express structured data types, data bases and objects see: [ intro_records.html ]

    For ways of naming and reusing formal documentation, see [ intro_documentation.html ]

    Copyright notice: [ intro_copywrite.html ]

Formulae and Definitions in Alphabetical Order