Richard John Botting, Emeritus Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
5500, University Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407-2397 [thumbnail photo of me, linked to a photo gallery] [Reviewer for CR] [Brunel University Alumni on LinkedIn]
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RJBottings Web Log -- A Long View of Software Development Wed Jun 16 09:31 Changes
CS202 Web Site and Blog Tue Jun 15 16:28 Grades Posted
CSci320 High-Level Computer Languages Tue Jun 15 13:04 Grades posted upto and including LRM
Sample Project Blog -- Improving MATHS Tools Tue Oct 20 12:22 Fixed a bug in mth2html
Recent Changes and thoughts about the MATHS Language Tue May 25 14:30 Corrected and improved notes on distfix or mixfix predicates
Next Seminar 2010-06-17

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My personal pages have a pink or white background.
Faculty Activity Reports: Post-Promotion Increment [ PPI 2008 ](HTML), Five year report [PDF]2001-2006, Partial Report for September 2001 to April 2003 [HTML ], Five year Faculty Activities Report 1996-2001 (HTML)
My personal data page, short text , long HTML vita, schedule, office hours, etc , and Signature File. Here are my personal reference shelf/bookmarks/resources, WWW sites.

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