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656/556 2003 1w 07 OBBDs 1
Assigned work due: Page 84, Exercises 1.14. #1(c).

Compact data structures to encode Boolean expressions

Chapter 6 OBDD.  Section 6.1 
   Boolean functions
   Syntax of boolean expressions
   Relation to PC: wffs, Truth Tables,  DNF, CNF, ...
   BDDs: tree ->(reduction)-> DAG
        Data Structure?
        Order the variables
               -- canonical!
                    less redundant, tests for equiv, validity, implication, satisfiability

Assigned Work: Exercise 1c of exercises 6.5 page333,
	Hand in Tree and OBDD

lab:  The tutorial on ch6
      A generator of ordered Decision Diagrams
Notation is based on LISP:
   wff::= atom | "(" operator #wff ")".
   operator::="or" | "and" | "not" |...

    Section 6.2.  Algorithms for handling OBDDs