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    CS599 Software Engineering I

    This is the WWW page for Dick Botting's (dick) part of the Spring 2001 CS599 Foundations of Software Systems See the HOME page, and SYLLABUS.

    Engineering makes the construction of better products possible. Engineering is about producing the best product you can with limited resources in the most efficient way possible.

    Engineering techniques and methods tend to evolve through failures. Although the uncovered methods, tools, techniques, and processes all help, there is no replacement for leadership and personal judgment in engineering. As Henry Petroski put it To Engineer is Human.

    In our Master's degree all projects start with submitting an SRS that follows the IEEE software engineering standards.


  1. dick::= See
  2. HOME::= See
  3. PROJECT::= See
  4. SYLLABUS::= See
  5. SRS::="Software Requirements Specifications", [ SRS in dick03 ]
  6. TBA::="To Be Announced".

  7. UML::="Unified Modeling Language", see Fowler and Scott when stuck. Also my newest set of notes: [ uml0.html ] and reference [ uml.html ] page.
  8. CRC::="Class, Responsibility, Collaboration", [ CRC in dick04 ]


    We define the software engineering life cycle and then study the first few steps round the software life cycle in detail:
    Date Topics and Details Reading in Schach Reading in Fowler and Scott Possible Class Activities Deliverable
    18 Apr Scope and Process [ dick01.html ] Chaps 1 and 2 Please flip thru the whole book -- just a glance at what is where Project initiation meetings -
    23 Apr Life-cycles and Objects [ dick02.html ] Chaps 3 and 6 Bring to class. Choose a Life-Cycle model -
    25 Apr Requirements and Specifications [ dick03.html ] Chaps 9 and 10 Chaps 3 and 4 SRS -
    30 Apr Object-Oriented Analysis plus Evolution [ dick04.html ] Chaps 11 and 7 Chaps 6 and 8 Video? + CRC for Project Phase 1? -
    02 May 3pm. Design [ dick05.html ] Chap 12 Chap 5? - 2pm. Case-Study: Phase I of Project: OS+VM+AS.




    See my Software Engineering Page: [ se.html ] Also see my [ methods.html ] and [ languages.html ] pages.

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