Classroom exercises on HCI/WWW

    1. Study the cartoon. What do you conclude?

    2. What is your least favorite page on the web? Why?

    3. You have an application with a web interface and as part of that you need the user to select a date. What are the worst and best user interfaces you can think of?

    4. Design a questionaire to evaluate a user's experience of a web page. -- -- --(QQ)

    5. How do you use HTML to get desirable effects?

    6. Make a list of human interface errors you will promise to never commit.

    7. What can I do to improve our CSCI372 web site?

    8. Make a list of the advantages of hard copy vs soft copy output.

    9. What happens to a web design when reshaped to fit a cell phone?

    10. Traditional computer output uses columnar reports. Are there other ways of communicating data to users? Clues: Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, UK DHSS team, Edward Tufts.

    11. Apply the questionaire form (QQ above) to the pages for this course.


  1. TBA::="To Be Announced".
  2. TBD::="To Be Done".

    Also see [ glossary.html ] for more special abbreviations and phrases.