Questions on Managing and Planning Projects

      What does a Manager do?

    1. List 5 different roles or types of activities that a good manager must play/do.

      Introduction to Planning

      Draw an activity diagram using UML2.0 that shows how we did dinner at my place last night. Note: the activities are in alphabetical order. You can abbreviate them to their numbers. Draw the symbols as correctly as possible.
      1. Boil the spuds on the stove.
      2. Cook the patties in the grill.
      3. Cut up the cauliflower.
      4. Eat your patty, spuds, and cauliflower.
      5. Get out the dishes from the cupboard.
      6. Lay the table.
      7. Microwave the cauliflower.
      8. Prepare the spuds.
      9. Put cooked spuds on the plates.
      10. Put the clean cauliflower pieces in a microwavable dish.
      11. Put the cooked cauliflower on the plates
      12. Put the cooked patties on the plates.
      13. Warm up the grill.
      14. Wash the cauliflower pieces.

      Sometimes a Quiz Question -- Planning the Maintenance of a project

      Use the Critical Path Method to work out how long the following process will take (if we have enough people) and highlight the activities that are critical.

      The table below describes the activities in the maintenance phase of a project. It shows the activities that must be completed before (preceding) each activity and the expected duration of each activity in days.
      ActivityPreceding activitiesDuration (days)
      1. Collect new requirements-2
      2. Redesign and update data base12
      3. Develop and test new processing24
      4. Develop and test new user interfaces15
      5. Integrate and test3 and 41
      6. Acceptance tests52

      (Close Table)

      a. Draw a UML activity diagram of the process. You should abbreviate activity names to fit them on the page.

      b. Add the durations of the activities to your diagram. Suppose that activity 1 starts at time 0(zero), calculate the earliest time each transition (arrow) can happen using your diagram.

      c. Calculate the latest times without delaying the completion of the whole project.

      d. Mark or highlight the critical path on your diagram.

      Planning a Training Session

      Towards the end of a project an important activity is to train the users in using the new system. The table describes the activities needed.
      1Invite users1-
      2Study manual51
      3Book room31
      4Prep. Handouts32
      5Prep. Slides44

      (Close Table)

      Draw the activity diagram.

      Calculate earliest times.

      Calculate latest times.

      Calculate slack times for each activity and show the critical path.

      Fixing an error in the above

      There is an error in this WBS -- we invite users before we know where the training will occur. To fix this add an extra "Remind users" activity that takes 1 hour and must be done after booking the room, and before the training starts. Does this change the times and critical paths?

      Planning a Training Session -- Version 2

      Here is a different WBS -- draw the diagram and do the CPM on it.
      1Invite users1-
      2Study manual51
      3Book room31
      4Prep. Handouts22
      5Copy Handouts14
      6Prep. Slides44

      (Close Table)

      Adding a Use Case in an existing System

      A use case is a set of scenarios that provides a user with a tangible result.

      You have been working with a complex system for several years and you have a new use case to add to it.
      1Write Use case1-
      2Develop User Interface(UI)21
      3Modify Database(DB)11
      4Design tests21
      5Business Rules11
      6Cross check UI vs DB12,3
      7HTML Pages36
      8SQL code46

      (Close Table)

      Starting a Masters Project

      In the CSCI Department at CSUSB many graduate students finish their Masters degree by tackling a realistic project -- for example a wireless system for a hospital that lets doctors submit prescriptions directly to the pharmacy for later pick up or delivery. But all projects have a similar startup process
      1Write SRS1-
      2Get 3 faculty2-
      3Improve SRS31,2
      4Oral Examination21,2
      6Get machine23,4
      7Revue plans15
      8Install system software16
      9Redesign software17
      10Install patches18

      (Close Table)
    2. SRS::="Software Requirements Specification".

      Project Management

      1. How do you start a complex project? What things must you set up?
      2. What is Configuration Management?
      3. How do you set up a meeting?
      4. What is Brookes's Law and what does it mean?

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  1. TBA::="To Be Announced".
  2. TBD::="To Be Done".


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