Questions on Development Strategies

    1. Make a list of ways to get a new piece of software that is needed in a system.

    2. Which kind of feasibility is assessed by using cost-benefit methods?
    3. Draw a context DFD of cost-benefit analysis.
    4. Write a scenario that models a typical cost-benefit analysis.
    5. Give an example of a benefit that is a tangible and one that is intangible.
    6. Distinguish: tangible vs intangible. one-time vs recurring.
    7. What does PV calculate? Draw a context DFD of PV! Explain the formula
    8. PV(a,r,t) = a/((1-r)^t)

    9. What must be done when initiating a project?

    10. What does a walk-through do? How is it set up? How does it finish? What are its benefits?
    11. What is a walkthrough? What is an inspection? How do they differ? How are they similar?
    12. Explain to grandma: the difference between a walkthrough and an inspection.

    13. When should you tackle a risk in a project?

    14. What is JAD? How is it done?

    15. What kinds of testing are there?
    16. In addition to ensuring a program works what are the other benefits of documenting tests?

    17. What information should you provide to management to start a new project?
    18. What kind of information do you need to convince people to back your project?
    19. Describe the data needed to select a suitable project to kick off?

    20. Describe some of the things you must do to get a project started.

    21. Describe the processes that take place in implementing a system -- other than writing software.

    22. Describe 4 different ways of cutting over from an old system to a new one. Which is cheapest? Which is most risky?

      The useless laptops

      In my wife's school the computer laboratory has been closed and a number of smart carts have arrived in the class rooms, Each is rack of about 20 laptops. Review the 5 types of components of a system to discover what must be done to make this hardware useful.

      Final Question -- The Business Case and Feasibility

    23. What information should you prepare to convince management that a project is worth doing.

      Final Questions -- Alternative Strategies

    24. a. Describe three (3) different ways of obtaining a needed software component. For each one, include the reasons for doing it that way.

    25. b. How do you discover the new software components that you need?

      Final Questions -- Implementation

    26. a. Write a list of some of the many activities that occur when implementing a computerized system.
    27. b. Describe 2(two) different change over strategies: one that is high cost + low risk, and the other high risk+low cost


  1. TBA::="To Be Announced".
  2. TBD::="To Be Done".


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