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    CSE557 Computers in Organizations

      2012-12-10 Mon Dec 10 10:55 Checked finals grading -- no real changes

      2012-12-06 Thu Dec 6 10:54 Grades posted including final exam

      [ grading/ ]

      2012-12-03 Mon Dec 3 10:43 Grades posted Seminar bonusses and final

      I have posted the bonus points upto Friday afternoon. There is another chance today at 11, tomorrow at 12:30 and at 3pm, and a final one on friday at 10:30 -- check the calendar. These will make up points lost during the course work, not the final.

      The final project must be in my hand tomorrow in my office before I leave for the presentation at 3pm.

      The final will start at 4pm tomorrow in the calssroom and you have 8 questions to show much you know (out of 14). Best of luck.

      2012-11-29 Thu Nov 29 09:58 Today -- walkthrough your project

      Each team must explain to us what their proposal and design is and explain why it is worth doing, and will work.

      Deadline for paper/hardcopy is 2:45pm Tuesday in my office. Then I will be going to Dr. Qiao's presentation...

      The final is on Tuesday at 4pm.

      Bring a dozen pages of blank paper to write your answers on.

      Bring an 8.5><11 inch sheet of paper with you notes etc on it.

      Bring a simple calculator...

      2012-11-28 Wed Nov 28 14:33 Questions answered

      I have put some questions with my answers in [ questions2012.html ] on the web site.

      In the Thursday session each team must present their project. I will be taking a roster to see who gets credit for the class... I've just noticed that the "presentations" handout has vanished. .... Fixed... [ c1.html#Presentations ]

      2012-11-27 Tue Nov 27 12:25 Grades posted -- Bring a question you want answered to day

      I finally got caught up with [ grading/ ]

      Todays preparation is to qrite down a question that you want answered about the content of this course. I will try to get them all answered, return the quizzes, handout my answers to the quiz questions, and start the last phase of the projects. Here you will write at least one fully dressed use case.... and present your work on Thursday.

      2012-11-20 Tue Nov 20 15:23 Links to mock and old finals work

      Thanks to a question asked in my office I have fixed broken links to the template for the final [ mock.html ] [ mock.pdf ] and some old final exam questions [ ../cs372/finals.html ]

      2012-11-16 Fri Nov 16 10:38 Grades Posted

      ALso... added some links on IBM flowcharts to [ r1.html ] (Rules and Procedures).

      2012-11-16 Fri Nov 16 04:41 Next week -- SDS and Thanksgiving

      Due on Tuesday -- review question from [ r3.html ] (Systems Design Specifications) and [ project4.html ] (Started yesterday).

      There will be the last quiz -- quiz 5 -- where you will draw an ERD, tabulate and pseudocode some rules, and write a use case... all for the same domain.

      Then we have the Thanksgiving break.

      On Tuesday the 27th we will review the course -- bring a question you want answered, and prepare for the presentation on Thursday 29th [ project5.html ] [ presentations.html ]

      2012-11-09 Fri Nov 9 12:31 Grades posted

      Next week: [ r1.html ] (Rules) and [ r2.html ] (Requirements).

      Project due [ project3.html ] on Tuesday. Project 4 starts on Thursday...

      2012-11-08 Thu Nov 8 09:53 Found a good page on web design

      [ designprinciples ]

      2012-11-02 Fri Nov 2 10:20 Grades done and posted -- and next week -- more data

      [ grading/ ]

      On Tuesday we will discusss [ d3.html ] using ERDs to design data that fits the information that stakeholders are interested in. There will be a Quiz on Web design, data encoding and parsing.

      On Thursday we move to [ d4.html ] which shows how to analyse given samples of data and deduce an ideal "normalized" data base for a project. Please bring some samples of data that you can share with the class.

      At the end of the Thursday class you will start to carry out the [ project3.html ] detailed design of the data for your project.

      The week after we leave data and move on to Rules and Procedures part of the Systems Pentangle

      [Systems Pentangle]

      By the way (added 11:30 Friday), please do not use this parsing [ ] in any quiz or exams in this class.

      2012-10-26 Fri Oct 26 11:26 Grades Posted -- Next Tuesday and Thursday

      Grades have been posted...

      On Tuesday the second step of your project is due -- hand in and make a short verbal report from each team [ project2.html ]

      You also need to study [ d1.html ] (Data in interfaces) and hand in the usual review Qn+answer.

      At the end of the class there will be a quiz on [ c2.html ] [ c3.html ]

      On Thursday, we move on to [ d2.html ] (encoding data elements) and I will give you a special handout. Then we move on to data records and entity-relationship models of data... heading for a detailed data model for your project and normalization.

      2012-10-25 Thu Oct 25 15:40 Today in class

      Review Cource so far:
    1. Analysis; Choices

      Comments on the reports on the last field trip: [ F3.html ]

      Planning and Managing [ c3.html ]

      Next -- Data [ d1.html ] -- as presented.

      Project step 2 [ project2.html ] -- Review, improve, cost-benefit analysis.

      2012-10-18 Thu Oct 18 18:06 Grades posted and next Tuesday

      Grades are updated at [ grading/ ]

      Prpare for Tuesday by following [ F3.html ] Field Trip 3 and studying [ c2.html ] on Cost-Benefit analysis and Implementation strategies.

      2012-10-12 Fri Oct 12 09:02 Grades Posted

      Here [ grading/ ] are the grades with exciting new statistics and a view ahead to the next part of the course.

      Building the spread sheet helped me discover that I had not been giving full value (10 points) to field reports. I have corrected these errors.

      The next class is based on [ c1.html ] and starts with reports on your first step in the project.

      2012-10-11 Thu Oct 11 13:46 BYOD -- Bring Your Own Device

      This report [ ] indicates that working with tablets, palmtops, and desktops is becoming common.

      Today we will talk about [ a4.html ] (data models) and kick off the projects. Please bring your review question and an idea for a problem/oportunity you'd like to tackle.

      You need to study the next topic [ c1.html ] (Envisioning a Project) while you work on the first [ project1.html ] iteration of the project.

      2012-10-10 Wed Oct 10 15:24 Answer from blackboard

      Here is my answer to the last exercise we did [ qa3DeploymentAnswer.JPG ] (Large JPG!).

      For Thursday see below...

      2012-10-08 Mon Oct 8 11:00 Presentation up loaded and grades posted

      I guess I have caught up with Friday!

      [ Presentation2012.ppt ]

      [ grading/ ]

      2012-10-05 Fri Oct 5 07:39 Schedule change and delayed powerpoint

      I wasn't able to post Sunny's PowerPoint last night, I may be able to do it sometime on Monday.

      I am adjusting the printed schedule to match what I announced in class yesterday.
      #DatesTopic|Event(2 point) [Reading]Work Due
      6Tu 10/09 Hardware and Architecture [ a3.html ] [ project0.html ] RF
      -W 10/10Last day to drop
      7Th 10/11 High Level Enterprise Models: data models [ a4.html ] [ project1.html ] (5 points) R

      (Close Table)
      We will kick off the projects on Tuesday ... what problems and oportunities would you like to work on?

      2012-10-03 Wed Oct 3 16:35 Field Trip 2 Next

      Grades have been posted at [ grading/ ]

      Turn up in class at the usual time and place on Thursday for the second field trip [ F1.html ] and bring (on paper) a question...

      2012-09-28 Fri Sep 28 13:55 Next class -- Tuesday -- Organization Structure and Meetings

      Reading: [ a2.html ] with review questions -- do as many as possible and hand in ONE on paper.

      Also due in: your report on the first field trip.

      2012-09-25 Tue Sep 25 18:29 Grades Posted -- Field trip next

      [ grading/ ] (please test...)

      The Thursday class is the first field trip. More in [ F1.html ]

      2012-09-24 Mon Sep 24 14:17 Tuesday 25th -- Second class -- Systems and Fact Finding

      The readings are in [ a1.html ] and you should bring a piece of paper with your name, one review question and its answer on it. We will be reviewing this set of readings in class.

      Also bring your PINWord/Contract form.

      2012-09-20 Thu Sep 20 09:17 First class today at 4pm sharp

      In the first class [ 01.html ] we will be covering the syllabusses [ ../syllabus.html ] [ syllabus.html ] and the schedule [ schedule.html ] for this course.

      We will sort out the administrative details.

      I will also be introducing the first reading [ a1.html ] on Systems and Fact Finding -- which we will discuss next Tuesday.

      See you there (JBH346) today at 4pm.

      2012-09-10 Mon Sep 10 14:54 Field trips scheduled

      [ schedule.html ]

      2012-08-03 Fri Aug 3 14:59 Syllabus stable

      I think [ syllabus.html ] is close to being the final form. In particular, this class has no required textbook! Instead you will be required to read and study pages on the web. Then in class we will do exercises based on the latest readings.

      I am still uploading material and the schedule will not be fixed until I can sort out the field trip times.

      2012-05-04 Fri May 4 09:38 Redesigning the course

      I have decided to reduce the numbers of quizzes... and adding content based on the pre-requisites.

      In moving from CSE372 to CSE557 the pre-requisties have changed (from CSE20? to CSE330) and I want to enforce the statistics and discrete mathematics requirements. If taking these classes messes up your plan and you are willing to prepare on your own I will set up a readiness test and if you pass I will waive them.

      Contact me, face to face, in my office or by the [Contact] button, if this applies to you.

      2012-03-22 Thu Mar 22 12:48 Big changes coming CSE557 replaces CSE372

      There has been a change in the curriculum. The CSE372 class has been replaced by CSE557. CSE557 will also be available for elective credit in the BS and MS degrees.

      Expect broken links on these pages as I work on them...

      The old course archives were in [ ../cs372 ] and will need massive editting to create the new CSE557.


  1. TBA::="To Be Announced".
  2. TBD::="To Be Done".


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