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Tue Mar 7 16:28:46 PST 2006


    About this site

      This site is a tool to help the students and teacher of two elective classes:

      CSCI546 Introduction to Theory of Computation

      Deterministic and non-deterministic Turing machines, decidable and undecidable problems, complexity classes P and NP.

      PreReq: 431

      Elective in the CSci BS.

      CSCI 646 Theory of Computation

      Theoretical foundations of computer science: models of Computation, recursive functions; Church's thesis and undecidable problems; complexity classes: P, NP, CO-NP and PSPACE.

      Prereq: classified.

      Elective in the CSci MS.

      Page Layout

      Each page has a similar layout and starts with some simulated "Buttons":
      CSUSB Banner Link to the campus home page.
      [CNS] The College of Natural Science home page
      [Comp Sci Dept] The computer science dept web page
      [R J Botting] My web page
      [CS546/646] This courses home page and blog.
      [About] This page
      [Contact] Send me Email
      [Grades] See your grades (needs a secret personal key)
      [Objectives] What people can learn in this course
      [Projects] Project work
      [Question] Submit work due before each class.
      [Schedule] Event scheduled in this class
      [Syllabus] Rules
      [Search ...] Find information on the CS375 course
      [nn] Notes for session nn.

    Standard Definitions

  1. RJB::=The author of this document,
  2. |-RJB="Richard J Botting, Comp Sci Dept, CSUSB".
  3. Schedule::= See
  4. Search::= See
  5. Syllabus::= See, and also see [ syllabus.html ] (my generic syllabus).
  6. TBA::="To Be Announced".