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    CS489 Senior Seminar Reading

      (Required text): You must get a copy of "Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job" by John Mongan, Noah Suojanen, and Eric Giguere(Publisher Wrox / Wiley). I've asked the book store to stock copies of the latest edition for you. 2nd Edition ISBN 047012167x.

      We will be tackling the sample questions in class. Please do not read the text until we have done the questions. I plan to jump arround a bit so that you are not tempted to memorize the answers... what matters is practicing thinking on your feet.

      (Assigned Reading): You will be required to spend time on-line and in the library looking for papers and articles in the computer science literature. You will present the fruits of your search to the class and hand in a one or more written reports on what your read.


  1. TBA::="To Be Announced", something I have to do.
  2. TBD::="To Be Done", something for you to do.
  3. CSE::="Computer Science and Engineering School at CSUSB".