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    02 Finding Things Out

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      Doing Research is Vital in CSE

      You are expected to keep up to date as technology changes.

      Example Scenarios: [ q02.html ]

      Using the IEEE and ACM Digital Libraries

      Guest Speaker -- librarian Xiwen Zhang.

      Using the CSE Web sites

      Department of Computer Science and Engineering [ http://cse.csusb.edu/ ]

      Searching my site [ ../index.html ] and [ ../lab.html ]

      The CSE Club is a student-run organization Register with the google group [ csec_sb ] to join.

      My entry to the Internet at [ entry.html ] is a "control panel" of sites I visit. I have several sites I use to keep up to date.

      Trip to the stacks -- if time and weather permits


  1. TBA::="To Be Announced", something I have to do.
  2. TBD::="To Be Done", something for you to do.
  3. CSE::="Computer Science and Engineering School at CSUSB".