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    CSE489 Senior Seminar

      2012-12-12 Wed Dec 12 09:07 More haste -- Less speed

      I posted the grades -- "CR" for everybody -- during the final... BUT I forgot to change status to "Approved" and so they were note officially posted to MyCoyote until a few minutes ago.

      With thanks to Diego who asked me why they were missing.

      2012-11-21 Wed Nov 21 13:42 Next and last class

      Prepare by finding out about
      1. The Free Software Foundation.

      The final will be 12-1:50pm on Wednsday 5th of December. Be there!

      2012-11-19 Mon Nov 19 13:08 Job hunting networks

      Mike Korcha has shared to interesting links on job hunting...

      [ http://www.forbes.com/sites/jjcolao/2012/10/15/hounded-by-recruiters-coders-put-themselves-up-for-auction/ ]

      [ http://www.ewherry.com/2012/06/the-recruiter-honeypot/ ]

      2012-11-14 Wed Nov 14 12:59 Next -- concurrency and data bases

      I split the class into two teams -- using the book prepare a twenty minute presentations on (1) concurrency, (2) data bases.

      2012-11-07 Wed Nov 7 13:20 From Law to Strings

      After a pleasant discussion of intellectual property news...

      I assigned the following readings: Chapter 3 and Chapter 6 and we started work on this problem:

        Write a function that reverses the order of the words in a string. For example, your function should transform the string
         "Do or do not, there is no try."
         "try. no is there not, do or Do"
        Assume that all words are space delimited and treat punctuation the same as letters.

      Work on this before reading the chapter 6. Then read it and look at their solutions. Bring code, comments, algorithms, questions and ideas to class next week.

      2012-10-31 Wed Oct 31 13:46 From Bits to Law

      We looked at different ways of counting bits in a word -- and agreed that it is harder when one has to handle signed number rather than unsigned one. $ or 5 variations were presented -- including a couple from the book.

      Ntext week we will take up a topic that you requested earlier:

      1. Legal issues/licenses selling software and services

      First we noted that it was covered in the "Ethics" class [ ../cs488/05.html ]

      I mentioned these special topics

      1. Liability and EULAs
      2. Intelectual Property
        1. Patents
        2. Trademarks
        3. Trade Secrtes
        4. Digital rights management
        5. Copyright
          1. Can you copyright the look and feel of software
          2. Idea of Copyleft for Code
            1. The GPL
            2. Apache
            3. Other forms of Open source/Free Code

      2012-10-31 Wed Oct 31 10:11 Added a PhD Comic on Power point

      Ho Ho Only Serious.... [ 03.html ]

      2012-10-24 Wed Oct 24 13:53 Prep for class 06 -- Bitwise operations and binary

      Today we discussed some of the social networks as listed below (list1).

      At the end of the class I set the follwoing problem:

    1. Write a function that determines the number of 1 bits in a computer's internal representation of a given integer.

      This means write a function with header

       		int countOnes(int i)
      which counts the number of ones in i. So for example
    2. countOnes(0) == 0
    3. countOnes(1) == 1
    4. countOnes(2) == 1
    5. countOnes(3) == 2

      We also agreed that this problem is about operators like <<, >>, &, |, ^, ~, ...

      Enjoy.... look at chapter 11 in the text book, and be ready to present a function and some tests in some language at the start of class on Wednesday.

      2012-10-17 Wed Oct 17 15:07 Prep for Class 05 -- Networking using the Web

      (1) read and think about 2nd chapter in the book!

      (2) Gather information on one of the listed social networks and information sources.

      The question: Which is most help for job hunting and how to use it.
      (list1): following

      1. LinkedIn
      2. GlassDoor
      3. about.me
      4. FaceBook
      5. Google+
      6. Slashdot
      7. Stack overflow/exchange

      I will start the next class with a chance to collate your discoveries and opinions ready for informal presentations.

    6. 15:56:45 [ spacerace ] Get 3 gig storage from drop box... in return for your CSUSB email info. (Thanks to Nick by way of Jane).

      2012-10-10 Wed Oct 10 14:36 Preparation for Class 04 October 17th

      Assigned work -- (1) Read and think about the first chapter of the text book.

      (2) Research and present information on the future prospects for these industries

      1. 3D Printing
      2. Virtual Reality
      3. Automatic Identification
      4. Game Development
      5. Renewable Energy
      6. Health-care and Medicine (RJB)

      2012-10-10 Wed Oct 10 10:56 Today -- presentation advice -- which industry

      2012-10-10 Wed Oct 10 10:53 Emerging markets and IT

      From my IEEE Computer Society news feed [ content?g=53319&type=article&urlTitle=the-rise-of-emerging-markets:-opportunities-and-challenges-for-it&mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRokuqrKZKXonjHpfsX57OwoWbHr08Yy0EZ5VunJEUWy3oAFWoEnZ9mMBAQZC81izwFID%2FSQbg%3D%3D ]

      2012-09-26 Wed Sep 26 15:12 Hot Skills for IT

      [ 10_hot_IT_skills_for_2013 ]

      List of topics you'd like covered

      1. What are some of the best industries to start a career in?
      2. Legal issues/licenses selling software and services
      3. Networking and finding a good jobs.
      4. Networking multiple computers.
      5. The Free Software Foundation.
      6. How are device drivers created and interfaced with the operating system?
      7. ...

      2012-09-10 Mon Sep 10 13:49 Schedule confirmed

      See you Septemeber 26th 12noon for [ 01.html ] the first session.

      2012-09-10 Mon Sep 10 10:11 Scheduling visiting speaker

      Usually we have a librarian talk to us in the second session. But if this is not possible I will have to reschedule the course....

      2012-08-29 Wed Aug 29 14:45 Got a syllabus and schedule ready online

      See [ syllabi.html ] (may be improved) and [ schedule.html ] (dates good, content to be done).

      Tell me [Contact] above if you can see an error.

      Preparation for first class -- think of a topic that is hot, likely to be important in your career, and not yet covered in any of your classes. Bring it to the first class.

      2012-08-03 Fri Aug 3 15:14 Preparing for Fall 2012

      We will use the same text and have the same objectives (review and update computer science to prepare for interviews and jobs). But after reading the feedback from CSE489 last fall... I want to rethink the selection of presentation topics and spend more times on the example problems in the text.

      2011-11-04 Fri Nov 4 10:14 Interviews flunk good programmers

      Found this on Slash dot this morning: [ tough-tests-flunk-good-programmer-job-candidates-177894?page=0,2 ]

      By the way.... I think you should sign up for the Slashdot [ http://developers.slashdot.org/ ] EMail feed if you want to know what computer professionals are talking about...

      2008-09-15 Mon Sep 15 12:09 What happens if you apply for a job with Google?

      1. From: Bash
      2. To: rbotting@csusb.edu
      3. Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2007 3:22 PM
      4. Subject: Crazy Questions at Google Job Interview
      5. http://tihomir.org/crazy-questions-at-google-job-interview/ [ http://tihomir.org/crazy-questions-at-google-job-interview/ ]

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  1. TBA::="To Be Announced", something I have to do.
  2. TBD::="To Be Done", something for you to do.
  3. CSE::="Computer Science and Engineering School at CSUSB".

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