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Thu Oct 16 09:18:19 PDT 2003


    Free Speech vs Content Control

    Home work

    pp 53-89 Free Speech vs Content Control


    1. N::="News on the Net!", see Resources.
    2. Speech and Architecture
    3. Porn: CDA, COPA(N), C[H]IPA(N), automatic filter?
    4. Hates speech and threats
    5. Missing: other illegal communication?
    6. Anonymous Speech
    7. Student Web Sites: freedom_of_home_page_speech
    8. Spam as Commercial Free Speech (N Oct 14th 2003)
    9. Postscript
    10. Discussion Questions
    11. Case Studies
      1. The Librarian's Dilemma(N)
      2. (Hamidi): Spam or Free Speech at Intel (Latest Comm ACM: trespass on chattel, [ citation.cfm?id=944229&coll=portal&dl=ACM&CFID=13077135&CFTOKEN=25123285 ] )
      3. L'Affair Yahoo


    Todays topic is a fast moving one. It pays to check what is online.

    (ACM technews): news letter Mon Weds Fri [ homepage.html ]

    (Wired Magazine): the original weird/wired, in your face magazine [ http://www.wired.com/ ]

    (Lexis Nexis Law News): search engine for news and law [ universe ] Free access on campus.

    (ACMDL): ACM Digital Library, Computer Research and articles [ portal.cfm ] (Free access on campus and to members)

    (CSUSB Pfau Library Computer Science Journals): news and research accessible from CSUSB [ computer.htm ]

    (Electronic Frontier Foundation): EFF for libertarian Internet news [ http://www.eff.org/ ]


    1. This campus operates an Email server for faculty and students. What should it do about spam? Make a list of options and evaluate each one in terms of a: feasibility, b: cost, c: legality, d: faculty/student reactions, e: spammer reactions, f: ethics.
    2. (freedom_of_home_page_speech): [ 20 in Scenarios ]
    3. Consider sexual harassment -- it is illegal in the USA. Is it legal via Email/IM/Chat? If it is also illegal how to enforce it?
    4. When the network administrator for the CSUSB CSci web server discovered a student was being paid for putting advertisements on their CSCI page, what should the administrator have done? Why?
    5. This campus runs several electronic mailing lists that operate like campus wide bulletin boards. Should people be able post political statements that are not related to academic things or the running of CSUSB? What should happen when one person starts flaming and abusing other people? Should the flamer have protected speech? Should the flamed person be protected? How and why?
    6. In one medieval university certain books were locked up and only professors in the School of Theology could read them. Should a modern university lock up certain types of books in a similar way? Would this be legal? ethical? wise? The CSUSB library gives students and faculty access to many electronic resources. Do you have the same opinions about blocking some sites?
    7. When S******* University discovered that one of their servers had been broken into and was storing pornography that could be downloaded by adults for a fee did it have the right to close down the machine? Work out a case defending the pornographer AND a case defending the University.
    8. p82 1 Assess CHIPA. Agree with ACLU view?
    9. p82 2 PICS reasonable? What levels?
    10. p82 3 1st amendment protection for hate/racist speech?
    11. p82 4 Anonymity vs authentication?
    12. p82 5 SPAM -- federal laws? state Laws? deontological arguments.
    13. p84 1 library filtering as choice or censoring?
    14. p84 2 Legal/moral duty to protect minors?
    15. p84 3 Does CHIPA make it worse?
    16. p84 4 decide and defend!
    17. p86 1 1st amendment vs noncommercial spam? Hamidi
    18. p86 2 Trespass?
    19. p86 3 New Laws?
    20. p86 4 Judge and explain.
    21. p88 1 What should Yahoo do?
    22. p88 2 Agree avec la France?
    23. p88 3 Broader implications.



    Work for next time

    1. Read: pp91-105: Intellectual Property (IP)
    2. Focus question: What are the four(4) types of intellectual property? Does the book cover them all?
    3. Write & Hand in: notes

    . . . . . . . . . ( end of section Free Speech vs Content Control) <<Contents | Index>>


  1. p82::="questions on page 82 of text book" -- about the text.
  2. p84::="questions on page 84 of text book" -- Librarian dilemma.
  3. p86::="questions on page 86 of text book" -- Hamidi.
  4. p88::="questions on page 88 of text book" -- Yahoo vs France.

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