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    Feedback on Pre-test

  1. The test, deliberately, involved lots of issues including copyright, misuse of company equipment/time, effect on colleagues, and the details of the technology.
  2. As explained, the grades will not be counted.
  3. I may have been a little too forgiving when you missed issues.
  4. Most people spotted the copyright issue. More later in class.
  5. The right to make a personal copy for nonprofit(fair use doctrine) is limited. More later.
  6. Most forgot that a file sharing program tends to automatically upload things as well.
  7. File sharing programs tend to advertise information about their network and so lower the security of the company's network.
  8. They can download viruses/trojans/worms.
  9. Downloads and multiple uploads can overload a network.
  10. People and companies are being sued.
  11. The legality of something does not change when you are caught!
  12. Majority approval does not mean that something is right.
  13. Should rich companies sue small people?

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