CS375 Winter 2010 Final Exam Version A Print your name here _______________________

 (200 points maximum, 40% to total for class, 110 minutes) SID#_____________________

You may use a calculator and a single piece of 11><8 paper with notes on both sides. No wireless communication and no computers. Put answers on blank paper and put the last 4 digits in the top left hand corner of each sheet. Diagrams don't have to be tidy but spelling is important. Partial credit is given for incomplete answers and working -- cross out but do not erase working. An answer can continue over the page. There are 10 questions. One question per page. Each is worth 20 points maximum. Read them all before you start -- many refer to the same project -- others refer to your tam's project! Attempt all 10 questions. Leave the table below blank.

Qn #
























Question 1 (20 points max). Planning and Process

Unified Process , iteration, phases , disciplines, ...

Question 2 (20 Points max). Domain Models

Modeling the real things and the relations between them

Question 3 (20 points). Use Case Models

Use case diagram, Brief, casual fully dressed descriptions, scenarios

Question 4 (20 Points). System Sequence Diagrams

Draw an SSD for a given scenario, actors, System, message(data), returned data

Question 5 (20 points). GRASP

Name and describe any/all/some of the patterns/principles.

Question 6 (20 points). GoF Patterns

Name, describe, draw.... classes, interfaces, .... Relation to GRASP

Question 7 (20 points). Logical Architecture

Packages, classic layers, dependencies, contents of packages

Question 8 (20 Points). Sequence Diagrams.

Objects, lifelines, messages, found messages, returned objects, loops, selections, options

Question 9(20 Points). Communications Diagrams

Objects, associations, messages, numbers, found messages, returned objects, loops, selections, options

Question 10 (20 points). Design Class Diagrams

Classes, operations, associations, attributes, etc.