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    Exercises and Quizzes on the Critical Path Method

      Simple Example

      You and a colleague are working on a project that has a main program and two independent classes. Once the initial test program is written you can start on the two classes (A and B say) and develop them without tripping over each other. Once the two classes have passed unit test then you can start on the main program that depends on them.
      #DescriptionDuration(Days) Predecessors
      1Develop test1-
      2Develop A11
      3Develop B21
      4Develop Main12,3

      (Close Table)
      Diagram done in class.

      CPM done in class.

      A JAD Meeting 1

      Before you can start a Joint Application Development -- -- --(JAD)
      meeting you must Email the participants and prepare the Audio Visual aids -- -- --(AVs)
      and before you can send the Email you need to prepare the information in the Email and arrange the room. You can't prepare the information or the AVs without preparing the agenda for the meeting. Before you arrange the room and prepare the agenda you need to get approval for the JAD meeting from the participants. And before you can get approval you need to make contact with the participants.

      Here is a table of activities, what numbers do you put in the "Predecessors" column:
      1Contact people1?
      2Get approval5?
      3Arrange Room4?
      4Prepare Agenda11?
      5Prepare Info4?
      6Prepare AVs8?
      7Email people1?
      8Hold JAD session5?

      (Close Table)

      A JAD Meeting 2

      Draw an Activity Diagram of the above activities.

      A JAD Meeting 3

      Calculate the earliest times of each event.

      A JAD Meeting 4

      Calculate the latest times of each event.

      Calculate slack and highlight the critical path.

      Planning a Training Session

      Towards the end of a project an important activity is to train the users in using the new system. The table describes the activities needed.
      1Invite users1-
      2Study manual51
      3Book room31
      4Prep. Handouts32
      5Prep. Slides44

      (Close Table)

      Draw the activity diagram.

      Calculate earliest times.

      Calculate latest times.

      Calculate slack times for each activity and show the critical path.

      Planning a Training Session -- Version 2

      Here is a different WBS -- draw the diagram and do the CPM on it.
      1Invite users1-
      2Study manual51
      3Book room31
      4Prep. Handouts22
      5Copy Handouts14
      6Prep. Slides44

      (Close Table)

      My First PHP Page

      I wanted to allow students to search my CS372 pages. To do this I needed an HTML form and a PHP script. Problem: I didn't know any PHP. Here are my activities for the first 3 iterations.
      1Design Search form1-
      2Learn some PHP2-
      3Draft PHP12
      4Alpha test11,3
      5Improve form14
      6Improve PHP24
      7Beta test15,6
      8Release 1.017
      9Learn PHP RegExs22
      10Update PHP28,9
      11Update form & test110
      -Release 2.0-11

      (Close Table)
      Use UML Activity diagrams and the critical path method to work out how much time this project will take and which activities are critical.

      Setting up a Seminar

      The seminar committee has a lot of activities it must do to prepare for a seminar. How much lead time and what activities are critical?
      1Find time+place2-
      2Book room11
      3Get Snacks21
      4Get coffee11
      5Draft flier22
      6Put on Dept Events Board12
      7Check Fleer15
      8Post Flier26,7
      9Email Flier16,7
      10Prep Handout10-
      11Order Equip11
      12Prep AVs610
      13Check equipment111

      (Close Table)
      Use an activity diagram to check the above table for logical errors. Correct and use the Critical Path Method to work out the earliest time the seminar can be ready. Then work out the latest times and the critical path.

      Implementing a Use Case in an existing System

      You have been working with a complex system for several years and you have a new use case to implement on it.
      1Write Use case1-
      2Develop GUI21
      4Design tests21
      5Business Rules11
      6Cross check Gui vs DB12,3
      7HTML Pages36
      8SQL code46

      (Close Table)

      Starting a Masters Project

      In the CSCI Department at CSUSB many graduate students finish their Masters degree by tackling a realistic project -- for example a wireless system for a hospital that lets doctors submit prescriptions directly to the pharmacy for later pick up or delivery. But all have a similar starting process
      1Write SRS1-
      2Get 3 faculty2-
      3Improve SRS31,2
      4Oral Examination21,2
      6Get M/C23,4
      7Revue plans15
      8Install system software16
      9Redesign software17
      10Install patches18

      (Close Table)


  1. TBA::="To Be Announced".
  2. TBD::="To Be Done".


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