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blog001 Wed Jun 16 15:13:23 PDT 2010
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    My Web Log 001

      Mon Jun 30 16:33:54 PDT 2003 Plumbing and Maintenance

      Spell checked and corrected other mistooks in subjects.

      15:53:58 PDT 2003

      Busy, busy, busy (rubbing hands together).... as the hot water in my house was repiped to avoid a leak in the concrete slab. Holes every where. Maintaining plumbing may be more like maintaining software than I thought.

      Took my concordance of the bibliography and changed it to include the source of the search in the search request. Then fixed the CGI to handle the QUERY-STRING correctly. Just like plumbing! It is easy to reassemble a complex assembly (like a shower control) incorrectly so that the "Hot" is cold and the "Cold" is hot.

      Wed Jun 25 16:52:05 PDT 2003 New Items

      Added items to my bibliography of software development: [ newb0625.html ] including one on team organization from the 1960!

      Wed Jun 18 09:54:50 PDT 2003 Scrolling considered Harmful

      Another obvious in hindsight insight: People do <strong>not</strong> like scrolling. They prefer clicking. It is a matter of hand movements I guess. Action plan: reduce pages and distribute content over more smaller pages

      Sun Jun 15 12:10:49 PDT 2003 Grading

      Grading, working of grants and papers.... . Uploaded [ newb0615.html ] the latest batch of bibliographic items while waiting for the Commencement ceremony.

      Starting to think about my Summer Project having got a Stipend...

      Tue Jun 10 19:37:15 PDT 2003 BODMAS

      Long break with few changes. Then I got a comment saying that searching for BODMAS was not helpful because it was not found. So I added a quick definition at [ BODMAS in notn_12_Expressions ]

      4 June 2003 New Items

      Added items to my bibliography of software development: [ newb0604.html ]

      June 2nd 2003 Seminar on Structured Inheritance

      Presented seminar "Structured Inheritance Relations" [ 2003 in index ]

      June 1 2003 New Symphony Program

      Posted the new program for the 75th Anniversary Season of the Inland Empire Symphony Orchestra. [ symphony.html ]

      May 2003 Published Review

      Published review 0305-0466 in Computer Reviews(CR)of paper "Improving the scalability of the CORBA event service...." from Software - Practice and Experience.

      Tue May 20 New Items

      Added items to my bibliography of software development: [ newb0520.html ]
    1. 17:24:45 PDT 2003 Finished Refactoring Subjects Finished the first iteration of refactoring subjects from A to Z. Thinking about the next step. Shall I extract items from my concordance of the bibliography? Review and include items from newsubjects.html? Start to move information from se, methods, and languages in my home directory into subjects?
    2. 08:20:30 PDT 2003 Continued to refactor subjects... now down to the S's.A Weather shifted from winter to summer. urlencode works OK so far.

      Mon May 19 08:31:57 PDT 2003

      Another day, indeed another week... Now finished with A-D of the refactoring of subjects. Weekend: clean house, shop, "Spirited Away" and "The Sinister Pig".

      Sun May 18 urlencode done

    3. 10:00:18 PDT 2003 That
    4. urlencode::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/tools/urlencode took a little longer than I hoped... amazing how many characters mean something special in sed regular expressions but not in substitutions.
    5. 09:30:19 PDT 2003 DAD Got as far as DAD: Dynamic Anaylsis and Design... Solved problem of retrieving CASE without CASE-STUDY but needed to URL encode the search string. Need to write sed script to reverse [ urlunencode ]

    6. 07:50:57 PDT 2003. Late friday afternoon I noticed that at sometime or other I had already updated subjects into newsubjects.html. Not sure what to do with this.

      Refactored C++ and UML. Now wondering how to search for CASE without retrieving CaSE-STUDY. Or may just need to have some non automatic subject entries.

      Fri May 16 08:51:42 PDT 2003 Eveidential Quality of Items

      Refactored down to the C language in subjects and in the process started to split the quality tags I've lateley been adding to items from the subject items. The quality tags indicates the evidence provided: does the item include a demonstration, an anecdote, some empirical analysis, an experiemnt, etc. or is it just an advertisement or new (partly baked?) idea?

      Perhaps I should split them into two pages. The subject index is way too big! Or I might list the quality tags but not preprogram searches for them. What do you think [ comment.html ] ?

      Thu May 15 12:25:44 PDT 2003 Started Refactoring subjects

      I'm using this page to record my activities developing and refactoring my web site. Today I was hit with over 3000 requests for items in my bibliography. Some of these were in error and they clearly were coming from a page in my site. A bit of digging discovered them in a page generated from an old old HyperCard stack. So I started working on it. Ultimately I decided to remove nearly all the direct request for bibliographic items and insert a call to the "lookup" search engine. At least this way recent items would be listed. The page would also be shorter.

      I also fixed the 'bib' CGI to remove spaces and ampersands form item names thus mapping the pre-1996 format to the current one.

      Time for lunch...

      A Key Insight

      People don't want to fill in a form to search for information. They want to click a link and get the search done. Evidence: Nearly all the hits on my bibliography are coming from links rather than forms.

      This is not new: "Don't Make Me Think" is the title of a book on WWW page design [Krug01] which inspired a previous set of pages.

      14 May 2003 New bibliography items

      [ newb0514.html ]

      13 May 2003 New bibliography items

      [ newb0513.html ]

      Backfilled Events

      April 30th 2003 Faculty Activities Report

      A partial Faculty Activities Report for September 2001 to April 2003 [ FAR20030430.htm ] [ FAR20030430.pdf ]

      April 21st 2003 Developing a laboratory page

      Experimenting with searching mathematical documentation.
    7. lab::= See http://csci.csusb.edu/dick/lab.html

      April 2003 Published book review

      Published review 0304-0311 in Computer Reviews (CR) of Ellen Gottesdiener's "Requirements by Collaboration".

      January 2003 Published two reviews

      Two reviews CR0301-0062 and CR0301-0108 published in CR

      November 12 2002 HOOD

      Added [ HOOD in methods ] to my methods page.

      July 14-18 2002 Conference in Florida

      Presented my work on stochastic models of debugging: [ rjb02b.evolve.txt ] [ rjb02bEvolve.pdf ] at [ http://www.iiis.org/sci2002/ ] in Orlando Florida and chaired my session. This work developed from

      Spring 2002 Stochatic Debugging

      [ rjb02a.hack.html ]

      September 28 2001 Activities 1996-2001

      [ FAR2001.html ]

      Glossary and Links

    8. bibliography::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/newbib.html, large collection of publications on software development.
    9. CR::= See http://www.reviews.com/home.cfm, Computer Reviews.
    10. concordance::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/concordance.html, a list of 300 odd words that appear in some bibliographic items and not others.
    11. languages::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/languages.html, links to computer languages.
    12. latest::= See http://csci.csusb.edu/dick/blog.html,
    13. MATHS::= See http://csci.csusb.edu/dick/maths/, a language for semiformal documentation like specifications, that is also good for weblogs, essays, lecture notes, etc. etc.
    14. methods::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/methods.html, links to things about software development methods and processes, plus some jokes.
    15. se::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/se.html, links to things about software engineering and software development.
    16. source::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/blog001.mth, I use my own MATHS language to write these blogs.
    17. subjects::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/subjects.html,

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  1. CR::="Computer Reviews", [ http://www.reviews.com/ ] and [ browse_reviewers.cfm?reviewer_id=115728 ]