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    RJBottings Web Log

      This blog on software development, live , etc. is now terminated.

      Thu Aug 29 13:35:23 PDT 2013

      2013-08-29 Thu Aug 29 13:36 Retirement and the end of this blog

      I spent yesteray afternoon visitting 11 offices and proving that I could get my last pay check.

      This included handing a dozen keys including the building and the offices where I worked.

      I plan to start blogging and writing my memoirs on the Blogger system [ https://www.blogger.com/ ] meanwhile keep track of my daily doings on Face Book [ rjbotting ] , Google+ and LinkedIn.

      Any questions about my the work done at CSUSB should be directed to the School of Computer Science and Engineering at CSUSB.

      I am now shutting down the Contact, Submit, etc. links on my pages.

      I have archived previous entries into pages below.

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      Glossary and Links

    1. above::=using the above statements....

    2. bibliography::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/newbib.html, (source [ newbib.mth ] ) a large collection of publications on software development. a place to search for data on my site. Now recovered from damage done in the latter half of 2003.

    3. dick::=indicates my own opinion in and of a bibliographic item.

    4. given::=the data and input into a proof, construction or other thinking.
    5. goal::=the current conclusion, target or unknown of the thinking, construction, or proof.

    6. Haiku::poem="A 17 syllable Japanese poem that captures one moment but implies the universal", All Haiku are supposed to indicate the season of the year and Japanese has many words and phrase that are used for these purposes. Most Haiku also have a caesura (pause) that is counted as a single syllable. Writing Haiku in English is like trying to clap with one hand.

    7. languages::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/languages.html, information on computer languages.
    8. latest::= See http://csci.csusb.edu/dick/blog.html,

    9. MATHS::= See http://csci.csusb.edu/dick/maths/, a language for semiformal documentation including ontologies, logics, conceptual models, specifications, and algorithms that I also use for weblogs, essays, lecture notes, etc. etc.

    10. methods::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/methods.html, links and definitions about software development methods and processes, plus some jokes. Also see [ methods.glossary.html ] instead.
    11. monograph::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/monograph, a study of software development methods 1940-1990 attempting to show how simple mathematics can avoid common errors.

    12. papers::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/papers, pre-publication drafts, local seminars, unpublished essays, etc..
    13. people::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/people.html,

    14. prostate::gland=`a walnut sized gland found in human males that has cells that have a tendency to turn cancerous as the male gets older`, see PSA. [ http://www.healthopedia.com/prostate-cancer/ ] (not checked for accuracy, includes adverts).

    15. PSA::blood test=Prostate Specific Antigen, the cells in the prostate generate a particular chemical in the blood and this test measures how much. High values (40+) show rapidly growing cancer. From my experience -- values like 5, 6, and 7 are a cause for concern .. but it all depends on age and whether heart disease or some other problem will get you first. To get a score of zero (undetectable <0.01) the cells must be gone or not growing.

    16. samples::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/, samples of documents prepared using MATHS.
    17. se::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/se.html, links to things about software engineering and software development.
    18. source::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/blog.mth, I use my own MATHS language to write these blogs.

    19. standards::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/standards.html,
    20. STANDARD::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/maths/math_11_STANDARD.html, my personal standard definitions for MATHS.
    21. subjects::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/subjects.html,

    22. tools::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/tools.html,

    23. UML::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/uml.html,

    24. vita::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/VITAble.html, [ short.vita ] (plain text).

    25. XBNF::=eXtreme Bachus Naur Form, a metalanguage based on EBNF that can handle some forms of context dependency in an intuitive way, as part of the MATHS language.

    26. Z::= See http://cse.csusb.edu/dick/samples/z.html, specification language.

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  1. CR::="Computer Reviews", [ http://www.reviews.com/ ]

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