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.Open Gannonetal87
 John D Gannon & Richard C Hamlet & Harlan D Mills
 Theory of Modules
 IEEE Trans Soft Eng VSE-13n7(Jul 1987)pp820-829
 denotational/functional semantics of sequential abstractions + trace tables proof

.Open Humphrey95b
 Watts S Humphrey (SEI)
 Making Process Improvement Personal
 IEEE Software Magazine V12n5(Sep 1995)pp82-83
 =ADVERT for 
.See [Humphrey95a]
One semester graduate level course....
Consistent improvements...

PSP::abreviation=`Persona;l Software Process`.
PSP::=( PSP0; O(PSP0.1; O(PSP1; O(PSP1.1; O(PSP2; O(PSP2.1; O(PSP3) )))) ).

PSP0::=learn to make and value simple measurements
PSP0.1::=estimating and measuring program size
PSP1::=historical data->linear_regression->estimator
PSP1.1::=estimating and scheduling+eaarned value+progress of work to date
PSP2::= design and code reviews & checklists & Pareto analysis & other methods of SQA
PSP2.1::=design completenes and correctness(trace tables, execution tables, proofs); selecting methods of design and review
PSP3::=scaling up to industrial sized projects; team work; project level work.

Lots of good (but not new) advice

.Open Warms01
 Tom M Warms
 Tracing the Execution of C++ Programs
 ACM SIGCSE Bulletin V33n4(Dec 2000)pp64-67
  Simpler than Zelkowitz's trace tables.  
  All variables for a function in one column, appearing each time value changed.
 Record Return addresses to handle many calls.
  underline input values.  Italicize output.
  Draw line between assumed values and derived ones.
  Function names on top of line, conditions break line.
 On exit make explicit value of function = returned value.

.Open Zelkowitz90
 Marvin V Zelkowitz
 A Functional Correctness Model of Program Verification
 IEEE Computer magazine V23n11(Nov 1990)pp30-39
 =DEMO Formal Functional Education Trace Tables
Trace_table::=trace_table_header #trace_table_row.
trace_table_row::= statement_part><predicate><#expression.

predicates and expressions expressed in terms of initial values of variables.
.Row Part
.Item Cond
.Item x
.Item y
.Row x:=x+y
.Item true
.Item x+y
.Item y
.Row if(x>y)
.Item x+y > y
.Item "
.Item "
.Row y:=x-1
.Item true
.Item "
.Item x+y-1

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