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  1. Anandasivam Gopal & M S Krishnan & Tridas Mukhopadhyay & Dennis R Goldenson
  2. Measurement Program in Software Development: Determinants of Success
  3. IEEE Trans Software Engineering V28n9(Sep 2002)pp863-875
  5. What tends to increase the successful use of software metrics?
  6. Survey of 214 organizations under CMU SEI aegis.
  7. Suggests a dozen factors and questions to to estimate them using Likert 1..5 scales. Uses principal components to weight questions.
  8. Tries to fit to simultaneous equations for use_in_decision_making and Organizational_performance.
  9. Claims that usage depends significantly performance, analysis, and frequency with which measurements are recorded.
  10. Claims that performance depends significantly on the alignment of the metrics program with management.
  11. (dick)|-Results intuitive but methods not to be trusted.

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