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  1. Dave Thomas & Andy Hunt
  2. Open Source Source Ecosystems
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V21n4(Jul/Aug 2004)pp89-91
  5. Open source projects can be good or can fail... describes properties of successful open source processes.
  6. They are a meritocracy based on producing high quality code. Classic organizational approach is more like a communist command economy.
  7. Starts with a single coder scratching an itch. Attracts help if the code doesn't smell. Helpers accepted if their code is OK.
  8. To be sure of scratching the Right itch in an organization: start with a pair of buddies: sponsor+coder, or use the work-with ("sit by Nelly") method.
  9. Rather than filling slots in an organization charts (architect, designer, coder, tester,...) people volunteer to work on functional areas (persistence, User interface,...).
  10. In an organization try setting up small teams and letting them self-organize.
  11. Motivators: Pride, ambition, challenges, better tools, community.

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