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  1. Donald J Reifer
  2. XP and the CMM
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V20n3(May/Jun 2003)pp14-15
  5. In theory [Paulk01] XP and CMM level 2&3 fit. In two real projects problems developed. Both projects have to handle bad schedules and novelty.
  6. (dick)|-Neither implemented XP properly.
  7. In one case the CMM group argues that their process is already the best practice and the XP group argues they don't have time for CMM practices.
  8. In the other case the XP people sacrificed test-first programming and are being criticized by the QA team. QA says the quality is down, the XP manager says QA is adding no value to the software.
  9. Need SEI to develop and advertise a mapping of CMM onto XP as a level 5 change management example perhaps.

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