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  1. Paul Kogut(kogut@vfi.paramax.com)
  2. Design Reuse: Chemical Engineering vs. Software Engineering
  3. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes V20n5(Dec 1995)pp73-77
  4. =ESSAY ENGINEERING REUSE DESIGN Figure 1 Design Knowledge Evolution Process
    1. Design is mainly routine plus some innovation that evolves via a prototype to a fullscale implementation. Each design can produce some design knoledge that is captured & Organized & shared. Handbooks and published design diseminate the knowledge to the engineering community. Internally design knowledge becomes design standards for the product line in the organisation.

      Chemical engineers have Perry's Handbook: 100 authors, highlevel, principles and then guidelines. Not a textbook. Chemical engineers have a common language in mathematics and chemical formulae and graphical symbols for process flow charts. They have a shared ontology of objects problems and relations. Also licensable processes.

      Author recommends internal design standards plus (1) an online handbook on the internet, and (2) licensing for designs on the internet.

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