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  1. David Bodolf & Patrick C K King & Mordechai Ben-Menachem
  2. Web Metadata Standards: Observations and Prescriptions
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V22n1(Jan /Feb 2005)pp78-85
  4. =ESSAY WEB STANDARDS METADATA ONTOLOGIES AI Table 1 page 80: List of standards: ebXML, CPP, WSDL, UDDI, SOAP, WS-Security, P3P, DC, CIMI, OWL. Suggests
    1. Don't ignore testing, SQA and other long standing problems.
    2. Don't target a standard at too many purposes/uses.
    3. To find things may need meta-meta-data. Need tools to support search and navigation through classifications and thesau rus hierarchies.
    4. Don't add useless indexing. Don't work at too high a level and allow too much freedom at more concrete lev els. Conventional ontologies should be limited to narrow domains until more reliable methods to develop ontologies are developed.

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