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  1. Phillip G Armour
  2. The Business of Software: The Ontology of Paper
  3. Commun ACM V52n1(Jan 2009)pp23-24 [ 1435417.1435427 ]
  5. Claims that the industrial revolution did not occur until steam engines were used to create steam engines.
  6. Claims that current software technology tends to reproduce the defects of paper-based artifacts.
  7. Describes the properties of paper artifacts: difficult to link artifacts, not executable, not easily verifiable, serial access, imposes a hierarchical structure, places information within a linear context, inherently single-tasking, ...
  8. Even hypertext does not relax these constraints.
  9. Claims that older systems fitted the paper model well.
  10. New systems need the external linkages and executability of software.

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