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  1. Bertrand Meyer<bertrand@eiffel.com>
  2. Systematic Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming
  3. Comm ACM V36n9(Sep 1993)pp56-80
  4. =ESSAY nonsequential
      "Judging by the looks of the two parties, the marriage between concurrent computation and object-oriented programming - a union much desired by practitioners in such fields as telecommunications, high performance computing, banking, and operating systems - appears easy enough to arrange. This appearance, however, is deceptive: the problem is a hard one."

      p61: "Any general purpose concurrency mechanism should reduce to a coroutine mechanism" [ when only one processing unit is available].

      p63: "A fully defined contract implies a no hidden clause property: clients theat 'play by the rule,' observibg the precodition of a call, are guaranteed to obitan the result, as expressed by the postcondition." ... leads to treating pre-conditions as wait conditions in a concuurent (separate) process....informal semantics p67

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