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  1. Walker White & Christoph Koch & Johannes Gehrke & Alan Demers
  2. Better Scripts, Better Games
  3. Commun ACM V52n3(Mar 2009)pp42-47 [ 1467247.1467262 ] CR 0912-1198
  5. Notes the need for less technical designers to write scripts for games.
  6. Proposes designing languages that fit the well-known patterns -- used by users and by game-play programmers not software engineers.
  7. State_Effect::pattern="Behavior of object depends on current state and is summarized into an effect that is then applied to change the state", so, language separately declares state variables and effect variables and supports two phases: effect and update. During the effect phase the state variables do not change and the effect is not read. In the effect phase the effects are read only and the states are write only.
  8. simulation_loop::=following (
    1. for each timestep (
      1. for each object, compute object.effect' using object.state;
      2. for each object, update object.state' using object.effect;
  9. Restricted_iteration::pattern="to avoid infinite loops, all loops have finite limits", [Witty77a]
  10. Concurrency patterns -- example of the need for an atomic transaction: putting things in a container, if room.
  11. Game-Aware Runtimes: Language should provide the runtime system with clues on how to execute code, and monitor it for statistics.
  12. Does not advocate a particular language!

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