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  1. Werner Staringer
  2. Constructing Applications from Reusable Components
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V11n5(Sep 1994)pp61-68
  4. =ADVERT NextStep Reuse SQL Objects Mathematica
      p51: "The [users] provided an initial description of the new systems's intended functions that was, at best, fuzzy. After we translated the requirements into a language the average software engneer could understand, ..."

      A dynamic domain and so no hardwired solution.

    1. instead cobble together known technologies: SQL, Objects, Mathematica and supply the functionallity to the user.

      The user as a member of the development team. Dangers of giving user access to whole design [implies they had no backup of design...]

      p65: "Fine-tuned solutions can not be reused in other projects"

      p64: relational vs object oriented. When an object inherits data from another object which tables should hold the parental data: the parent (look up problem), the child(finding it? anomalous), or both? - choose to store it in both places and use triggers to keep them coherent. Used caching to update secondary storage.

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