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  1. Neil Maiden & Omo Otojare & Norbert Seyff & Paul GrunBacher & Karl Mitteregger
  2. Determining Stakeholder needs in the workplace: How Mobile Technologies can help
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V24n2(Mar/Apr 2007)pp46-52
  4. =EXPERIENCE MSP Mobile Scenario Presenter PDA MSWord Requirements Arena-M ART-Scene Web/Net
  5. MSP::tool, presents and records scenarios + notes about them.
  6. Mobile device should be used to collect requirements where they occur -- in the workplace. Can combine mobile technology with various methods of requirements elicitation.
  7. Bespoke mobile requirements tools work better than generic tools.
  8. Tools should work with different people: analysis have more complex needs than future users.
  9. Usiability is important.
  10. Plan carefully to develop an infrastructure that supports mobile RE tools.
  11. Capture just enough information to enable completion of specifications later.
  12. 13 references.

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