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  1. Barry Boehm & Dan Port & Mohammed Al-Said
  2. Avoiding the Software Model-Clash Spider-web
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V33n11(Nov 2000)pp120-122
  4. =IDEA SUCCESS MODELS PQRST Mbase stake holders Master Net
  5. Stakeholder := user | acquirer | developer | maintainer | ... | public.
  6. Each stake holder has a different model of what is needed.
  7. Each model is a set of assumptions.
  8. Classified as process, product, property, and success.
  9. Could use purpose, qualities, techniques, team, etc .
  10. Clashes can occur between and within different stakeholder models.
  11. Has been used two diagnose problems quickly in large and small projects.
  12. interesting spider-web diagram on p121.
  13. Mbase::= See http://sunset.usc.edu/research/MBASE.

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