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  1. Graeme Shanks & Elizabeth Tansley & Ron Weber
  2. Using Ontology to Validate Conceptual Models
  3. Commun ACM V46n10(Oct 2003)pp85-89 CR 0404-0429
  5. Abuses the term "Grammar" to mean "modelling language". Gives a bad SSADM model but doesn't show corrected one.
  6. Notes risks of seeing everything as tables of data. Some relationships are best expressed as rules/code rather than tables.
  7. Quotes Bunges's theory of ontology that distinguishes: things, properties of things, states of things, laws, events in things, and couplings.
  8. Critiques ERD as not including rules.
  9. Important to:
    1. Distinguish rules from relationships
    2. Model composites and aggregates as entities not relationships.
    3. Don't model relationships using attributes.
    4. Don't use optional attributes in entities.
    5. Distinguish objects/instances from classses.
    6. Distinguish things from their properties.

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