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  1. James O'Connor & Catherine Mansour & Jerri Turner-Harris & Grady H Campbell Jr
  2. Reuse in Command-and-Control Systems
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V11n5(Sep 1994)pp70-79
  4. =ADVERT METHOD Synthesis object-oriented REUSE DOMAIN
      "Synthesis" is an approach based on domain-specific reuse, by which an organisation can standardize its perceptions of customers' needs and effective solutions

    1. Families of similar systems
    2. product families
    3. communication with enginners using reusable products
    4. pilot

    5. Domain::=Net{ narative: 2 pages, glossary:dictionary, commonality, variability:assumptions, decisions:models.}. ... Adaptable requirements components using wordperfect macros.


      1. Synthesis has immediate beefits....maturity
      2. management commitment at all levels
      3. payoff depends on a substantial commitment of effort
      4. adopting a discipline engineering process stimulates the adoption of disciplined engineering methods.

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