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  1. Alan M. Davis
  2. Software Lemmingineering
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V10n5(Sep 1993)pp79-81&84;correspondence V11n1 (Jan 1994) pp10+V11n4(Jul 1994)pp110-111+QV DavisA94a&b.
      Fads and trends and following the crowd:
    1. Structured
    2. Object
    3. Maturity
    4. C
    5. Prototyping
    6. CASE
    7. Reuse
    8. Comquats (COMercial off-the-shelf QUAlity sofTware)

      Tom Adams letter describes methodology life cycle

    9. good project with new idea
    10. idea reduced to a buzz phrase
    11. complex methodology based on just the buzz phrase
    12. many seminars
    13. many books
    14. Many many failed projects

      Richard Wells

    15. I reuse and am careful in C.
    16. CASE does not address my problems.

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