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  1. Simon S Lam & A Udaya Shankar
  2. A Theory of Interfaces and Modules I -- Composition Theorem
  3. IEEE Trans SE V20n1(Jan 1994)pp55-71
  5. See [Jonsson94]




      Need to divide up software into modules that can be designed separately. Then need to know that when the pieces are composed the whole will work.

      Proposes a formal model of the ways that modules interface. Defines what it means for a module to satisfy an interface(M offers I, and M offers I using L). Assumes this forms a DAG. Shows that such systems can be composed.

      Interfaces are two sided - providers and consumers of services. Both sides are designed to not perform badly if the other side performs ok. The provider is designed to guarantee that the service is provided some time after it is requested. Providing a service is a conditional progress properties.

      Object-oriented programming only specifies safety (lack of bad results).

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