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  1. Charles Wells
  2. Communicating Mathematics: Useful Ideas from Computer science
  3. Am Math Monthly V102n5(May 1995)pp397-408
      function Doamain->Bool as external behavior
    1. Sets are a way to represent other things.
    2. specify external behavior rather than set theoretic representations when introducing ideas.

      Distinguish syntax from semantics: expression vs what it denotes, ainformal parsing, make types explicit

      Formal transformations: definitions as macros, proof by rewriting(GriesSchneider95), give syntactic and semantic proof., mental representations, make logic explicit.

      Types and polymorphism. distinguish function, its vlaues, an algorithm that implemnts it.

      Self-montoring:give mistakes a name. give punchy names for good behaviours, go for high context communitcation

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