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  1. Bruce W Weide & William F Ogden & Marli Sitaraman
  2. Recasting Algorithms to Encourage Reuse
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V11n5(Sep 1994)pp80-88
    1. Algorithm becomes machine(state+smaller effect operations) ??virtual machine?? encapsulated objects and hidden objects.
    2. p82: "this basic idea has neither been touted as being as general as it is nor been further developped and systematically applied to the design of reusable software"
    3. p82: recasting a sort: "there are two distinct phases: and insertion phase and an extraction phase" (just like COBOL)
    4. "In our design neither the data's source nor its destination must be a certain data structure"
    5. p85: "Edges previuosly extracted could be made erroneous as new edges are inserted. This additional reason supports the logic behind making this a two-phse machine" (there is an order clash)(assembly line diagram of Orr).
    6. p87: "Machine-oriented design is easier for clients understand"
    7. p88:"First try to develop a simple, fully abstarct, clearly explainable mathematical model. Then consider if you can settle for a two-phase mahine. You should probably have a two phase version of every machine in the reusable component library even if you can't see the immediate need for it in a particular case. Often, implementations for two-phase machines are easier to and/or potentially more efficient than for multiphase or haeless machines."...
    8. choose a design that is easily explained.... "what and when your machine does something will depend, in part, on which explanation is most understandable. You might have to use trial and error before you can judge which is best. But don't worry about the initial cost of making these design decisions! If you component is really reusable, the effort you spend on making a good design choice will be amortized over many future uses."

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