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  1. Mathias Weber & Joachim Weisbrod
  2. Requirements Engineering in Automotive Development: Experiences and Challenges
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V20n1(Jan/Feb 2003)pp16-24
  5. tools
    1. DOORS::="Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System", [ index.cfm ] (was Telelogic, now IBM).
    2. RequisitePro::= See http://www.rational.com/products/reqpro.
    3. RTM::="Requirements Traceability and Management", [ http://www.chipware.com/ ]

  6. Complex domains have complex requirements.
  7. Requirements are more than text. Text+data(state, ...) +graphics... +metadata.
  8. Engineers and customers live in a document-driven world that has to be reflected in tools.
  9. Need to distinguish what the customer wants(Laastenheft) from what the supplier is contracted to do(Pflichtenheft).
  10. Redundancy causes problems but is built in to the existing system.
  11. Good engineers are already content specialists in their special area and the content tends to evolve incrementally, so it pays to recycle old specifications.
  12. Takes time to migrate documents into a new requirements database.
  13. Details only appear at the leaves of the tree.
  14. Nonfunctional requirements, acceptance criteria and tests are not done well.
  15. Change is part of project life. Be ready to handle a lot of it.
  16. User-adaptable views help guide and manage a process.
  17. Specification reviews are important.
  18. Traceability is good: but what should be traced?
  19. Bad couplings between tools and text.
  20. We need better tools to manage requirements.
  21. Most of the problems are in areas that are not being researched. The real problem is managing the complexity not in expressing content and domain knowledge.

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