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  1. Jeffrey J P Tsai & Thomas Weigert & Hung-chin Jang
  2. A Hybrid Knowledge Representation as a Basis of Requirement Specification and Specification Analysis
  3. IEEE Trans SE-V19n12(Dec 1992)pp1076-1100A
    1. ORIENTED non-monotonic hierarchy(general with exceptions) frames for objects and activities complete and sound.
    2. Compare Kaindl93 arguing for frames to support informal preparations.

      Section I Introduction(pp1076-1077)

    3. p1076: "Software development usually begins with an attempt to recognize and understand the user's requirements[...] Software developers are always forced to make assumptions about the user's requirements[...] Often the user has an incomplete understanding[...]" Goguen and Meseguer's work on FOOP 1987 (Functions+objects+relational methods)
    4. p1077: "an_instance_of", "a_kind_of", "a_part_of". "formal correctness checking is desirable[...]surpass the expressiveness of standard first order logic"... "complete and sound with respect to these semantics[Horn clause logic+nonmonotonicity]. [...] the users can automatically analyze various properties of a FRORL specification."

      Section II Demands(pp1077-1078)

    5. p1077 "domain model[vs]specification" "theorems [---] facts"

      Section III The language(pp1078-1081)

    6. p1078 "Given an informal description of the problem domain" operational and decalrtive interpretations possible.
    7. p1079 Refers to Booch91 and Kowalski's book

      Section IV Semantic foundations(pp1081-1085)

    8. Predicates and Consistency (\para_symbol) statements, Horne clauses, Herbarnd interpretations, fixed points of a theory operator. some model theoretic semantics. Some computational procedure to indicate if a clause is a logical consequence of a theory

      Section V Mapping FRORL into Semantics(pp-)

      Section V Analysis of specifications(pp1085-1090)

    9. reachability, reversibillity, liveness, and consistency. State space or problem reduction. Use abstracted attributes.

      Section VII Software Environment(pp1090-1093)

    10. Sun SparcStation Open Look

      Section VIII Related work (pp1093-1096)

    11. Survey based on Wing88. Mentions with KATE, CAKE, LARCH, Ina Jo, GIST, SASCO, PLEASE, SXL,...

      Section IX Conclusions and plans(pp1096)

      Section X. Appendix BNF(pp1096-1097)

      Section XI Appendix B Soundness and Completeness (pp1097-1099)

      54 References (pp1099-1100)

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