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  1. Jim Spohrer & Doug Riecken (Eds)
  2. Service Science (Special Issue/Section)
  3. Commun ACM V49n7(Jul 2006)pp30-87
  5. Introduction + 12 articles/papers
  6. p33: 55 references.
  7. If you divide the economy in agriculture, manufacture, and service then most of it is now service!
  8. Even when selling product, service can make the difference.
  9. This change means that research and education needs to develop (or at least) shift to a focus on service rather than production.
  10. SSME::="Services Science, Management, and Engineering".
  11. Service implies:
    1. Expertise and knowledge by the supplier.
    2. But the suppliers knowledge must be fitted to customers specific environment.
    3. Services are a socio-technical system and not a pure technological fix.
    4. Need to model/understand the people and organization of the customer.
    5. Exchange of service for something of value.
    6. Negotiation, interaction, and trust between customer and supplier.
    7. Long term relations with customers.
    8. Communication is vital.
    9. Service often encoded as software+hardware --algorithmic.
    10. 3S:="An ontology describing services: humans, web, software, ..."
    11. Innovation and perhaps revolution in the enterprise.
    12. New courses and schools.

  12. (dick)|-with luck they will rediscover systems analysis and operations research from the 1950s.

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