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  1. Matthew Pittman
  2. Lessons Learned in Managing Object-Oriented Development
  3. Special Theme "Making OO Work" IEEE Software V10n1(Jan 1993)pp43-53
  5. Page 48 Sidebar: Methods more alike than different. Two part approach.
  6. Part 1: candidate classes, attributes and behaviours, class structure, object structure, class design, process architecture, Reuse.
  7. Part 2(itterative) : Problem analysis, Domain Analysis, Architectural principles, Archictectural strategies, logical design, physical design
  8. Techniques that help
  9. Nouns and verbs, Checklists, Relationships: aggregation+claasification, Scenarios, responsibillities and colaborators, FSM & Statecharts, JSD ELHs for the protocols

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