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  1. John Allen Paulos
  2. Once Upon a Number: The Hidden Mathematical Logic of Stories
  3. Basic Books NewYork NY 1998 ISBN 0-465-05158-8 QA276.P285
  4. =ESSAY LOGIC MATHEMATICS and story telling
  5. Differences between informal logic and formal logic.
  6. The importance of taking a point of view or placing data in a story-like context.
  7. Note: Software is a formal system thrown into an informal context.
  8. Choice can change the odds in such a way as to invalidate the choice!
  9. Ramsey-type theorems: In a large enough sample even unlikely events will occur.
  10. The Delphi-Omni-Sci is programmed to answer any Yes/No question about the physical world correctly by outputting Yes or No. It fails if asked if it is about to answer "No".

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